December 2023 Awards Presentation and Skins Match

A Sydney Disc Golf Club Special Event

Following the final championship round of the year, there was a short break with pizza and drinks while the numbers were crunched and the championships decided.

The Club President, Mat Wallis commenced proceedings with some special prizes:

  • Armory Champion (male): Priit Koiv
  • Armory Champion (female): Peata Hepi
  • Armory Champion (handicap): Jack Tonzing
  • North Ryde Champion (male): Mario Tolberg
  • North Ryde Champion (female): Peata Hepi
  • North Ryde Champion (handicap): Andrew Wisniewski

Then onto our overall Club Champions:

  • Female Champion: Peata Hepi 
  • Male Champion: Mario Tolberg 
  • Handicap Champion: Jack Tonzing

Check out the final championship results below.

With the awards out of the way it was then time for our final event, the Championship Skins match with $540 of skins up for grabs ($30 per hole). Our 5 qualifiers were:

  1. Mario Tolberg (overall champ)
  2. Olatundji Akpo-Sani (overall runner-up)
  3. Tanga Waetford* (overall second runner-up)
  4. Peata Hepi (female champ)
  5. Jack Tonzing (handicap champ)

*Priit Koiv was the second runner-up, but unfortunately being out of the country made it hard for him to compete and so his spot went to 4th place in the overall championship, Tanga

Our first qualifier, Peata Hepi got things underway by parking hole 1 and then watching the boys miss their drives. It was an easy birdie and first skin to Peata.

Over the next couple of hours, the 5 players battled it out and by hole 14, all 5 players had grabbed at least one skin. Play continued to hole 18 and the final skin was pushed to a sudden death playoff. 3 holes later and Tundji had a 4 metre putt to secure the final skin but he missed and the group are off to another hole. By this point, Peata has had enough and retires gracefully with 2 skins and $60. 2 holes later and Tundji has another chance to take the last skin, but the nastiest cut-through ever on the RAD Ace basket results in another push. Finally on the 6th playoff hole, Mario secures the final skin and takes home $60. Jack takes away $30 for his single skin, Tundji with $180 and the big winner Tanga, taking home $210.

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