Club Championship

Club Championship

Competitive league for those who want to battle it out

For those that are a little more competitive, SDGC members can compete in the Club Championships. The winners will be decided based on results from the monthly social day events. 

In 2024 there will be 4 Championship tables in play:

  • Male Champion (raw score/open)
  • Female Champion (raw score/open)
  • Junior Champion (raw score/open)
  • Handicap Champion (based on rating results)

Championship points are available at both The Armory and North Ryde social days running each month.

Points will be allocated based on a player’s position in social day events as follows:

1 (first)25
2 (second)18
3 (third)15
4 (fourth)12
5 (fifth)10
6 (sixth)8
7 (seventh)6
8 (eighth)4
9 (ninth)2
10 (tenth)1

If there is a tie for first place, the winner will be determine by a play-off (format to be determined by the event director).

If there is a tie for any other position, all championship points for the tied places will be summed and divided between the number of tied players. For example, a 3-way tie for third place would see each player receive 12.3 points, i.e., (15+12+10)/3 = 12.33.

If there are less than 10 players in a division, points will be allocated from the “bottom up”, i.e., if there are only 3 players, first will score 4 points, second 2 points and third 1 point. If only 1 player in a division plays and completes their round, they will score 2 points. 

The championship table will tally up a player’s best 8 results for the year.

The Club Championship will conclude after the final social day event at The Armory in December. Prizes will be awarded for all 4 champions. In the event of a points table tie, the position will be decided by greater number of event wins. If still tied, greater number of second places, etc.

2024 Male Championship Table (raw score)

PlayerJan1Jan2Feb1Feb2Mar1Mar2Apr1Apr2May1May2Jun1Jun2Jul1Jul2Aug1Aug2Sep1Sep2Oct1Oct2Nov1Nov2Dec1BEST 8
Mario Tolberg18.
Tom Beanland-
Paul Comninos-
Mat Wallis2.310.
Olatundji Akpo-Sani8.0-16.525.015.0-4.0-68.5
Tanga Waetford8.
Priit Koiv2.3-
Matt Ellis13.510.016.5-----40.0
Liam Brunelli-Brondex25.05.02.0-----32.0
Jan Ortiz------
Evan Hollins--0.318.0----18.3
John Lewis8.0--5.0-4.0-1.018.0
Daniel Comninos----
Jack Tonzing--7.0---7.0-14.0
Danny Su13.5-------13.5
Mathew Lamy------
Stephen Clarke-10.00.3-2.3---12.6
Anthony Magen----8.0---8.0
Joe Nardo----8.0---8.0
Jack Lemon2.3----4.0--6.3
Eorl Osborne-------6.06.0
Che Taylor-------4.04.0
Tim Wright--0.3-2.3---2.6
Brad Menard-2.0------2.0
Neil Vogel---1.5----1.5
Andrew Wisniewski-----1.0--1.0
Andy Simpson-0.5------0.5
Luke Williams-0.5------0.5

2024 Female Championship Table (raw score)

PlayerJan1Jan2Feb1Feb2Mar1Mar2Apr1Apr2May1May2Jun1Jun2Jul1Jul2Aug1Aug2Sep1Sep2Oct1Oct2Nov1Nov2Dec1BEST 8
Kairi Koobakene-
Peata Hepi---2.04.0---6.0
Amy Ellis1.0-4.0---1.0-6.0
Niccole George2.0---2.02.0--6.0
Kate Sim--2.0---2.0-4.0
Michelle Juarez-1.01.0-1.0---3.0

2024 Junior Championship Table (raw score)

2024 Handicap Championship Table

PlayerJan1Jan2Feb1Feb2Mar1Mar2Apr1Apr2May1May2Jun1Jun2Jul1Jul2Aug1Aug2Sep1Sep2Oct1Oct2Nov1Nov2Dec1BEST 8
Owen Harris-25.0--25.025.0--75.0
Evan Hollins10.0-25.025.0----60.0
Mat Wallis-
Niccole George25.0---18.0--43.0
Paul Comninos--10.0--15.0-4.029.0
Alasdair Doctor-12.012.0---4.0-28.0
Mario Tolberg1.0---
Priit Koiv--1.0-18.0-8.0-27.0
Pablo Artica6.010.0----10.0-26.0
Dominic Osborne-------25.025.0
Michelle Juarez------25.0-25.0
Mathew Lamy4.0----18.0-22.0
Tom Beanland-1.015.0--4.0-2.022.0
Jayden Tran-15.0-----6.021.0
Che Taylor-------18.0
Danny Su18.0-------18.0
Peata Hepi---18.0----18.0
Thandrie Davis-18.0------18.0
John Lewis15.0--2.0----17.0
Andy Simpson-8.0-8.0----16.0
Neil Vogel---15.0----15.0
Stephen Bunting------15.0-15.0
Olatundji Akpo-Sani--2.012.0----14.0
Jack Gannon2.0--10.0----12.0
Jan Ortiz------
Joe Nardo----12.0---12.0
Kate Sim------12.0-12.0
Liam Brunelli-Brondex12.0-------12.0
Eorl Osborne-------12.0
Daniel Comninos----8.02.0--10.0
Joseph Zagari---4.0-6.0--10.0
Kevin Brooks----10.0---10.0
Jack Lemon8.0----1.0--9.0
Andrew Wisniewski-----8.0--8.0
Joel Meekings--8.0-----8.0
Wayne Tolver Banks-------8.0
Brad Menard---6.0----6.0
Jack Tonzing--6.0-----6.0
Kairi Koobakene-6.0------6.0
Luke Williams------6.0-6.0
Robert Beaven----6.0---6.0
John Soden----4.0---4.0
Matt Ellis--4.0----4.0
Tanga Waetford-4.0------4.0
Mitch Bradac----1.0---1.0