Club Championship

Club Championship

Competitive league for those who want to battle it out

For those that are a little more competitive, SDGC members can compete in the Club Championships. The winners will be decided based on results from the monthly social day events. 

There are 3 sets of championship tables – two based on raw score results (male and female) and one based on handicap results. A championship will be run at The Armory and another at North Ryde.

Points will be allocated based on a player’s position in social day events as follows:

1 (first)25
2 (second)18
3 (third)15
4 (fourth)12
5 (fifth)10
6 (sixth)8
7 (seventh)6
8 (eighth)4
9 (ninth)2
10 (tenth)1

If there is a tie for first place, the winner will be determine by a play-off (format to be determined by the league director).

If there is a tie for any other position, all championship points for the tied places will be summed and divided between the number of tied players. For example, a 3-way tie for third place would see each player receive 12.3 points, i.e., (15+12+10)/3 = 12.33.

The Club Championship will conclude after the final social day event at The Armory in December. Prizes will be awarded for the male and female raw score and handicap championships as well as a few other special prizes. In the event of a points table tie, the position will be decided by greater number of event wins. If still tied, greater number of second places, etc.

2023 Raw Score Championship Table (Male)

Priit Koiv25833
Olatundji Akpo-Sani1813.531.5
Mario Tolberg-2525
Tanga Waetford-1818
Mat Wallis15-15
Mat Lamy-13.513.5
Tanga Waetford12-12
Patrick Tjitrosantoso10-10
Kamil Abratanski8-8
Paul Comninos-88
Tom Beanland-88
Jack Gannon6-6
Jack Tonzing415
Tanner Sleep-44
Tim Wright213
Danny Su1-1
Daniel Comninos-11

2023 Raw Score Championship Table (Female)

Peata Hepi252550

2023 Handicap Championship Table

Jack Gannon25833
Mat Lamy-2525
Patrick Tjitrosantoso18-18
Daniel Comninos-1818
Che Taylor15-15
Andy Simpson-1515
Jack Tonzing8614
Mario Tolberg-1212
Steve Fear10-10
Michael Eastham-1010
Troy Bourke6-6
Tanga Waetford145
Priit Koiv4-4
Kam Abratanski2-2
Andrew Wisniewski-22
Paul Comninos-11

Championship Skins

A special event will be held on the afternoon of the December social day at The Armory. 5 players will qualify for an 18-hole skins event based on the combined points from the Armory and North Ryde championship tables.

The 5 qualifiers will be:

  1. Raw score combined male champion
  2. Raw score combined championship runner-up
  3. Raw score combined championship second runner-up
  4. Raw score combined female champion
  5. Handicap combined champion

If any qualifier is not present, the next position in the championship table will qualify to play.

The event will follow standard skins rules and each hole will be worth 5.55% of the total skins prizemoney pool. The prize pool is calculated as a percentage of fees from the social day events (and published on the web site home page).

In the event of a tie on the final hole, the final skin will be equally split between the tied players OR if the tied players mutually agree, they can decide the final skin by CTP on the final hole.