Getting Started with Disc Golf

Getting Started with Disc Golf


Just about anybody can play disc golf. To get started you’ll need a golf disc which is specifically designed for distance and accuracy. These can be hired at some disc golf courses or purchased from disc golf clubs and online stores. You can of course play with any type of flying disc such as a standard Frisbee®, an Aerobie® flying ring or an Ultimate disc, but you’ll find golf discs provide a good mix of distance and accuracy that no other type of disc can offer.

You can play disc golf with a single disc, but we highly recommend that new players grab a “starter pack” which usually contains 3 discs for less than $50. These packs will contain:

  • A putter: designed for shots close to the basket (high accuracy, less distance)
  • A mid-range: bridges the gap between a putter and a driver providing moderate distance throws with reasonable accuracy.
  • A driver: designed for maximum distance for throws off the tee or long shots up the fairway (long distance, less accurate) 

Here are just some of the different companies that manufacture disc golf products: Innova, Discraft, Latitude64, Dynamic Discs, RPM, MVP, Discmania, Fourth Circle Discs and most have a starter pack available for new players. Once you are hooked on disc golf, you will look to increase your selection of discs and may consider a disc golf bag to carry your discs around.

After you have a disc, you’ll need somewhere to play. You can make up your own “object” course in a park using trees, signs and other objects as targets, but established courses with baskets are definitely more fun. There are more than 80 courses around Australia – check out to find one near you. Most are free to play but some will charge a small fee to play to cover upkeep and maintenance of the course. Regardless of where you play, we ask all new players to make themselves familiar with the sporting code of conduct.

Disc Golf Code of Conduct

If you want to learn more about disc golf, have a look at videos on YouTube or come along to a social day and meet up with other players. Experienced players are always willing to help out new players as we were all there once before.

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