Bag Tag Challenge

Bag Tag Challenge

Challenge your friends and club mates to see who's best

All members will receive a free numbered bag tag. Non-members can also purchase a bag tag for $5, but in doing so, agree to abide by the rules below.

Tags will be available to collect at social day events. The challenge commences from the first social day in January and will run until a random day in December. The end of the event will be announced on SDGC Facebook page after 5pm on the final day. At this time, players will retain the bag tag they have in their possession. 


Bag Tag Rules of Engagement​

  • Anybody who possesses a SDGC Bag Tag may issue/schedule/participate in challenge(s).
  • Members cannot avoid challenges by leaving their Bag Tag at home or by concealing your Bag Tag (see forfeiture).
  • Challenges are on a round-by-round basis; i.e., challenges are for one round only in a multiple round event.
  • Upon exchange of bag tags with another member, please update the table on this page:

Automatic Challenges

  • Automatic challenge during any Social, Tournament, or Casual/Recreational rounds at Newington Armory, if any SDGC Bag Tag holder(s) are on your card (in group).
  • The challenge does not need to be publicly announced or agreed upon before the start of the round – it is automatic!
  • Members may not deny this challenge, i.e., tags are always in play.

Away Game Challenges

SDGC members may casually meet at another course OR agree to meet at a course/time to compete for bag tags in:

  • Head-to-Head (me vs. you) challenges;
  • Group Challenges, where multiple players each put a Bag Tag at stake during the group round;
  • Members may not deny a challenge and then proceed to play a round (see forfeiture).

#1 Tag Challenge

  • Upon winning bag tag #1, the owner must announce (within 24 hours) on the SDGC Facebook group that they have won the #1 tag and schedule a time within the next 15 days when they will be at the Armory to be challenged for the tag. If the player does not have access or use Facebook, they must inform a SDGC committee member for publication to the SDGC Facebook group.
  • If a local tournament or social day event occurs within the 15 day period, the player can opt to compete for the tag at this event, but then only players on that card will be able to compete for the #1 tag.

Bag Tag Forfeiture

Each Bag Tag belongs to the entire club membership and should be accessible to all club members.  Any club member will be required to surrender his/her Bag Tag if:

  • He/She is found to be purposely concealing the Bag Tag, especially with a low number.
  • Refusing and/or “forgetting” to carry his/her Bag Tag, especially to events where members are “likely” to be present.
  • Refusing Automatic Challenges.
  • Generally denying Bag Tag access to other members (TBD by 2 or more club officers).

If you lose your Bag Tag, you may purchase the next lowest number Bag Tag available. Replacement tags, if available, will cost $5.00.