Handicap System

Handicap System

Levelling the playing field so anybody can win.

All club members will receive a handicap rating calculated from your last five official rounds at the Armory (PDGA tournament or Disc Golf Metrix league). This rating will be used to calculate a handicap for each course layout and this handicap will be subtracted from your raw score to determine your handicap result. This means the person who plays much better than their average score will win the handicap competition.

The handicap rating (HR) is calculated using the following formula:

      HR = 1000 – [(round score – SSE) x RRE]

      SSE = scratch scoring estimate 
      RRE = round rating estimate

These factors have been calculated for each course based on a system developed by DG Course Review. Similar formulas are used to calculate a handicap score based on a player’s rating.

Here are the current handicap ratings for all club members (based on last 5 rounds):

Member (updated Sep-22)HRChange
Albert Munoz921-
Ashley Reddy0*-
Bruce Meyer0*-
Bryce Winchester874-
Daniel Comninos802-3
Daniel Su858-
Grahame Yager698-
Helena Walker788-13
Jack Lemon867-
Jack Taylor675-106
Jason Fitzgerald749-
Jason McFarlane0*-
Jason Rees804+18
Joe Nardo858-3
John Lewis828-
John Soden880+24
John-Henry Pajak866-
Kairi Koobakene812-9
Kamil Abratanski867-
Kate Sim530-
Kenny Grant0*-
Liam Aungle876-
Lisa Wallis645-25
Luke Turnbull760-
Mario Tolberg896-
Mat Wallis909+17
Mathew Lamy888-2
Matt Ellis901-
Neil Roberts904-
Olatundji Akpo-Sani893-
Oliver Brown870-7
Paul Comninos897-25
Peata Hepi790-5
Priit Koiv929+7
Remmy Campbell0*-
Rhys Wisniewski912+22
Stephen Bunting665-
Tanga Waetford885+20
Tim Wright809-
Tom Beanland901-