Handicap System

Handicap System

Levelling the playing field so anybody can win.

All club members will receive a handicap rating calculated from your last five official rounds at a Sydney Disc Golf Club hosted event (Armory & North Ryde – PDGA tournament or monthly social event). This rating will be used to calculate a handicap for each course layout and this handicap will be subtracted from your raw score to determine your handicap result. This means the person who plays much better than their average score will win the handicap competition.

The handicap rating (HR) is calculated using the following formula:

      HR = 1000 – [(round score – SSE) x RRE]

      SSE = scratch scoring estimate 
      RRE = round rating estimate

These factors have been calculated for each course based on a system developed by DG Course Review. Similar formulas are used to calculate a handicap score based on a player’s rating.

Here are the current handicap ratings for all club members (based on last 5 rounds). New members will receive a handicap rating after completing 3 events:

Member (updated 15-Mar-24)HRChange
Alasdair Doctor800+13
Amy Ellis0*(1 more round required)
Andre Szczepanski0*(3 rounds required)
Andrew Wisniewski825-13
Andy Simpson837+9
Anthony Magen0*(2 rounds required)
Ashley Reddy0*(2 rounds required)
Brad Menard844+8
Che Taylor796(no change)
Daniel Comninos867+10
Danny Su882(no change)
Dominic Osborne709(no change)
Eorl Osborne857-8
Evan Hollins888+41
Jack Gannon766-8
Jack Lemon865(no change)
Jack Tonzing898-8
James Davenport867(no change)
James Wright828(no change)
Jan Ortiz895+27
Jayden Tran757+9
Jeff Helbren845(new)
Jeff Wall731(no change)
Joe Nardo827-15
Joel Meekings827(no change)
John Lewis870-3
John Soden847-3
Joseph Zagari683+8
Kairi Koobakene850-5
Kate Sim568(no change)
Kenny Grant808(no change)
Kevin Brooks839(new)
Liam Brunelli-Brondex921(no change)
Lisa Wallis637(no change)
Luke Williams829-42
Mario Tolberg917-6
Mat Wallis898+23
Mathew Lamy851-15
Matt Ellis936(no change)
Michelle Juarez445(new)
Mitchell Bradac848-6
Neil Vogel838+11
Niccole George648+32
Olatundji Akpo-Sani953+13
Owen Ferguson0*(new)
Owen Harris720+38
Pablo Artica797-1
Paul Comninos905-2
Peata Hepi796+2
Priit Koiv913+12
Richard Plumridge786-7
Robert Beaven716-1
Stephen Bunting719-29
Stephen Clarke892-10
Tanga Waetford922+7
Thandrie Davis626+27
Tim Wright877-6
Tom Beanland923-5
Wayne Tolver-Banks765(new)