November 2022 Social Day

A Sydney Disc Golf Club Social Event

The weather forecast was for fine weather until after lunch and half an hour before the start, the rain radar was clear for 150 km. So everybody was surprised when a storm popped up to the west of the course just before play got under way. Many players were caught out as heavy rain dumped on the Armory just as players teed off on the first hole. Fortunately it didn’t last longer than a few minutes and we had a short respite before the next shower band rolled through about an hour later. 

26 players turned up for a round on the red layout. Even though the conditions were testing, Priit Koiv made it all look easy with a stunning 11 under round of 46. Our ratings estimator calculated this was a 1012 rated round and with Australian National Championships taking place later this week, Priit is in top form. His closest rival on the day was Mat Wallis, 7 shots back at 4 under and then another 3 shots back to Tanga Waetford.

With Priit’s super hot round, it was enough to also take the handicap win over James Wright. Priit graciously gave up his prize of a free disc to James.

Full event results here:

Following the social round, the Club held a “Ring of Fire” putting competition. All 26 players stood around the basket starting at 6 metres and after counting down “3…. 2…. 1….” everyone attempted to sink their putt at the same time. Around 10 players were knocked out in round 1. 

In round 2, everybody moved back to 8 metres from the basket – a few more knocked out. Then to 10 metres for round 3. 

After 4 rounds, the 26 starters were reduced to 3 and then down to the final 2. Danny Su and Marti Oberg matched each other for the next 3 rounds. As the rain started to fall again and the spectators started to get anxious, it was sudden death – if you miss, you have to retrieve your disc, return to your putting position and keep going until the first person sinks a putt. Danny held his nerve and sunk his first attempt while Marti narrowly missed, so Danny was our winner.

With the rain falling again and heavy rain on the radar, a very small group of players braved a second round. Fortunately, the rain did clear and they ended up finishing a second round in good conditions.

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