Armory Ace Attack 2022

A Sydney Disc Golf Club Special Event

Something different and new for many Sydney disc golfers with the inaugural Armory Ace Attack. The rules were relatively simple:

  • Each player is limited to 3 discs (of their choice) for the round and get 2 throws on each hole. 
  • 18 holes ranging in length from 26 to 43 metres.
  • Score as many aces as possible from 36 throws.
  • Score an ‘A’ for ace, an ‘M’ for a metal hit or a ‘-‘ for a miss.
  • The winner will be the player who scores the most aces and if there is a tie, the number of metal hits will break the tie.
The weather gods graced us with perfect conditions yet again as 22 players teed off at hole 1 after a rousing introduction by Mat Wallis and cheered on by all.

It didn’t take long for things to heat up with Lisa Wallis in the first group, hitting metal on her first throw. Helena Walker then followed suit with another metal hit in the following group and then our first ace from Rhys Wisniewski in the final group to tee off on hole 1.

The 5 groups circulated quickly around the course racking up a total of 6 aces, 20 metal hits and a load of near misses. Check out John Soden hitting his ace on the short but blind hole 6.

After 18 holes and 36 throws from each player, a single ace was enough to put you in contention for the win with the number of metal hits deciding the winner.

Tied in 3rd place with 1 ace and 1 metal hit each were John Soden and Rhys Wisniewski. In second place with one additional metal hit was Priit Koiv. The winner, with 3 metal hits on 3 consecutive holes was Mat Wallis, following up from his ace in the league day the previous week.

Overall, everybody had a great time with plenty of laughter, loads of heckling from Priit along with loud cheers and groans sounding across the course after an ace or a near miss. We’ll definitely be holding more of these events in future – next time with some extra holes added and some of the holes shortened up.

Following the main event, around a dozen players hung around to challenge Mat for the number 1 bag tag on the yellow course. After a strong start, it was looking like Priit was going to snatch the tag away but Mat hit a string of birdies on the final holes to finish at -2 and hang on to the #1 tag by one shot over Priit.

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