Armory Ace Attack 2024 – Sydney Disc Golf Club Armory Ace Attack 2024 – Sydney Disc Golf Club


30 Jun 2024


10:00 am - 12:30 am

Armory Ace Attack 2024

Join Sydney Disc Golf Club at Newington Armory on Sunday 30 June for a special event based on the ace race format. All levels of players are welcome.

Please meet at the hole 1 basket at 10am for group formation with the first group starting on hole 1 at 10:15 am.

Game Type: Ace Race
Layout: 27-hole special 
Entry Fee: $10 all players

How Does It Work?

  • The aim of the Ace Attack is to score as many aces as possible from 54 throws total.
  • Players are limited to carrying the same 3 discs for the entire round. If you lose a disc, it cannot be replaced. So choose your 3 discs wisely.
  • All players start at hole 1 and play 27 holes in order.
  • There is no out-of-bounds (OB) and no mandos to worry about.
  • Holes range in length from 20 to 43 metres, making them all “aceable” for any level of player.
  • A single wooden tee block marks each tee – treat as a lie, i.e., stance must be in contact with 30×20 cm area behind tee when throwing.
  • Players tee off, throwing 2 discs each (one after the other) as per order on the group’s card.
  • There are no restrictions on how the disc is thrown – but must be PDGA legal.
  • An ace (5 points) is when the disc is thrown from the tee and comes to rest supported by the chains or tray (including wedged in the side of the tray).
  • Players will also score if they hit chains (2 points) or any other metal on the basket (1 point), i.e., top band, tray or pole. It will be a group decision on awarding a metal hit.
  • Scoring will be in DiscGolfMetrix with 5 points for an ace, 2 points for chains and 1 point for any other part of the basket. If you score points with both discs on the same hole you will also receive 1 extra bonus point.
  • After all players in the group have thrown their two shots, players pick up their discs and the group move directly to the next tee.
  • Players are not permitted to play out the hole. A player who breaks this rule will receive a warning for the first infringement and a “-1 point” for each subsequent infringement.
  • The playing order on each tee will rotate. The first player to throw on hole 1 will now throw last on hole 2 and the player who teed off second on hole 1 will throw first on hole 2. All other players will move up the throwing order 1 spot.
  • The event winner will be the player who scores the most points.
  • In the event of a tie for any prize position, tie will be broken by CTP (hole 6 white).

There will be 3 divisions for the event:

  • Male Division 1 (handicap or PDGA rating > 860)
  • Male Division 2 (handicap or PDGA rating 860 or below)
  • Female (all ratings)

Check out who is registered:
(allow 24-48 hours after payment for your name to appear here).

All entry fees will be combined into a cash prize pool (less 10% for insurance). The top 10% of players will win a cash prize based on standard PDGA payout distribution (Steep-Am curve). 

Remember, no parking available inside the Armory for events. Free all-day parking available here and entry to the Armory via Jamieson Street gate.

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