October 2023 Social Day @ The Armory

A Sydney Disc Golf Club Social Event

Date: Sunday 8 October 2023
Course: Newington Armory White Layout, stroke
Conditions: sunny, 18-20 deg. C, winds 7-9 km/hr, humidity 50%
Number of Players: 32
Special: CTP hole 2
Ace Pot: $228

Raw Score (male): 1st: Tom Beanland (44) ; T2nd: Paul Comninos (44) & Tanga Waetford (44)
Raw Score (female): 1st: Peata Hepi (56); 2nd: Lisa Wallis (64)
Handicap: 1st: Troy Bourke (31.8); 2nd: Robert Beaven (36.5); 3rd: Jan Ortiz (36.5)
CTP (special hole): Daniel Comninos (winning a MVP Glitch)
Aces: Tom Beanland (did not participate in ace pot!)

Full event results : https://discgolfmetrix.com/2785287

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