Disc Mania

Our discs are produced by the most experienced disc golf manufacturer in the business, Innova Champion Discs. In fact, they are the creators of a modern disc golf disc. We are privileged to use their expertise when designing our well-thought disc selection.

Compliments of Discmania.com

    Disc Mania - FD Fairway - Red
    FD Fairway Driver

    Discmania’s first true Fairway Driver is also known as the Jackal. The FD is so controllable low-speed driver, that once you learn its magic you’ll never leave it out of your bag. Packed with gigantic glide, this bad boy is … Continued

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    Disc Mania - PD2 Driver - Red
    PD2 Driver

    Let’s face it – the PD2 Chaos is not meant for everyone. Picture Innova’s Xcaliber with a little more speed and stability and you’ll know what this disc is like. It is abnormally fast for the stability it offers. Targeted … Continued

    $23.00 Select options