Newington Armoury

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Newington Armoury is the site of Sydney’s first permanent Disc Golf course.

It was established in 2006 and has been the central hub of Disc Golf in NSW for the last decade.

The park is part of a wider historical area where ammunition was stored and transported during World War 2. As you play your round you will play around old bunkers and buildings that mark the historical sites.


Below is the latest map of the Armoury.

Newington Armory updated course 2017Access to the Armoury is only available on weekends and public/school holidays 9am-5pm.

The course is 18 holes and has some slight variation in elevation. Whilst relatively open, most holes present a challenge with well placed trees, out of bounds road or the typical southerly wind that will blow of an afternoon.

Check out the facebook page where you can organise to meet up with local Disc Golfers to show you around.

Contact the club if you are looking to book use of the facility outside of normal hours.

You can also view the course on Udisk (mobile app)


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Newington Armoury is located west of the city center.



For other places to play Disc Golf in NSW please go to the NSW Disc Golf website.