New Baskets at The Armory

Proudly funded by the NSW Government

Late last year, Sydney Disc Golf applied for a grant through the NSW Office of Sport to replace the original 9 baskets that were installed at The Armory way back in 2004. These baskets have served the Club well for almost 20 years but they were slowly rusting away and not catching like they used to. 

In February we received the great news from NSW MP Lynda Volz (member for Auburn) that the club was successful and would receive the full grant amount requested. Sydney Disc Golf Club would like to acknowledge and thank the NSW Government for funding this upgrade.

After a short wait for the grant funds to be received, 9 brand new RAD Ace baskets were ordered from RAD Creations. These arrived in April and the club scheduled the installation for the Easter weekend. 

With the help of a small group of volunteers, the old baskets were removed, holes were dug, and  sleeves were concreted into the ground on Easter Saturday. After a 24 hour wait for the concrete to set, the baskets were assembled and bolted into place. The course was back open again a little over 24 hours after the old baskets were removed.

The new baskets can be found on holes 1 through 8 and hole 10 of the public layout. Some maintenance was conducted on the back 9 baskets at the same time, replacing some of the older baskets with ones in better condition removed from the front 9.

Priit & Tundji using a post hole digger to make things quicker and easier
Mitch and Tundji digging the hole for basket 8
Mitch checking that the pole is plumb with Tanner and Neil watching on
Priit showing his concreting skills with a trowel
Time for final assembly
New basket ready for play on hole 4
New basket on hole 6
And hole 7

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