December 2022 Social Day, Awards Presentation and Skins Match

A Sydney Disc Golf Club Social Event

Our final event for the year and what a beauty! Sunny weather, no wind and a freshly mowed Armory. It hasn’t looked this good all year.

27 players turned up for our final round on the white layout. The ace pot was only $50 but it didn’t take long before our second ace of the year with John Lewis throwing it in on hole 5. Well done John.

With the conditions almost perfect, scores were good and the competition close. Priit Koiv managed to snatch the final win of the year with a -11, just one clear from Mat Wallis and then Mario Tolberg, Danny Su and John Soden another shot back on -9.

In the handicap competition, Kate Sim was firing on all cylinders shooting almost 140 rating points above her average. This was enough to take the win from Che Taylor by 3 shots and Peata Hepi a fraction of a point further behind.

Full event results here:

During the round we held a CTP on hole 1 and this was grabbed by Mario parking it right under the basket.

After the round, it was time for a celebratory lunch with some pizza and drinks. The Club President, Mat Wallis then announced some special prizes:

  • Most Consistent Player: Danny Su
  • Most Improved Player: Jason Rees
  • Disc Golf Tragic (most rounds played): Paul Comninos
  • Best Dressed Players: John Soden and Joe Nardo 
  • Best Disc Golf Footwear: Tanga Waetford 
  • Geography Expert: Kam Abratanski
  • Professional Cheerleaders: Benn Kennedy and Tim Wright

Then onto our Club Champions:

  • Female Champion: Kairi Koobakene 
  • Male Champion: Priit Kõiv 
  • Handicap Champion: John Soden

Check out the final championship results below.

With the awards out of the way it was then time for our final event, the Championship Skins match with $540 of skins up for grabs ($30 per hole). Our 5 qualifiers were:

  1. Priit Koiv (overall champ)
  2. Mat Wallis (overall runner-up)
  3. Paul Comninos* (overall second runner-up)
  4. Kairi Koobakene (female champ)
  5. John Soden (handicap champ)

*Unfortunately Paul was unable to make it to the final round, so his spot went to next in the overall championship, Mario Tolberg

So who won? Check out the video from Disc Golf Justice below.

Well, that’s it for 2022. Sydney Disc Golf Club hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year and we’ll see you all again in 2023.

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